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We offer a large selection of hand forged kitchen knives, cutlery accessories, knife sharpening, unique chef tools, kitchen wares, bar wares, culinary publications, vintage goodies, aprons and knife rolls.

We hand inspect every knife for straightness, sharpness, and finish to ensure you are receiving the highest quality knife available. We also offer free initial sharpening to our customers who want to ensure a razor sharp edge out of box.

 We carry a larger selection of knives than what is available in our online store. If there is something you are looking for, feel free to send us a message!

Our current selection includes: Sakai Takayuki, Ashi Hamono, Mizuno Tanrenjo, Takeda Hamono, Masakage, Shibata, Yu Kurosaki, Takeshi Saji, Konosuke, Fujiwara Teruyasu, Takamura, Watanabe, Middleton Made, Carter Cutlery, Ohishi, Shigefusa, Misono, Kikuichi