Kenji Toghashi Aogami 2 Mizu Honyaki Gyuto

Sakai Takayuki


Aogami #2 mizu honyaki gyuto forged by Kenji Togashi. The blade was sharpened and mirror polished by Hirosugu Tosa. Both Togashi-san and Tosa-san have both been awarded with the highest ranking of Dentou Kougeishi. Together with Sakai Takayuki, they have created a true masterpiece.

The blades are forged from a single piece of Aogami #2 steel that has been water quenched and differentially hardened (mizu honyaki). This results in the highest performance possible. The blades are mirror polish finished.

The octagonal handle is made from macassar ebony, nickel silver spacers, and juniper burl. These were created and fitted for us by Cody Paul.

*Available in 240mm and 270mm*


240mm Specs

Weight: 237g

Spine above heel: 3.75mm

Spine at mid: 3.23mm

Spine 1cm from tip: 1.41mm

Height at heel: 50.13mm

270mm specs

Weight: 275g

Spine above heel: 4.02mm

Spine at mid: 3.42mm

Spine at tip: 1.41mm

Height at heel: 52.54mm

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