Mizuno Tanrenjo Honyaki DX Gyuto 240mm

Mizuno Tanrenjo


Mizuno Tanrenjo has a long standing reputation for high standards and tradition. This is the 4th generation Mizuno Family, Jun-san and Nanako-san. 

DX Honyaki is forged from a single piece of Aogami 2 steel. The water quenched honyaki blade is differentially hardened and is rated at 63-64 hrc. The honyaki process results in extremely long lasting edge life. Thin convex grind makes for a very high performance and agile blade with great food release. The blade is mirror polished and the hamon is polished to show contrast. The handle is hoo wood and buffalo horn ferrule.

*Note the knife in this photo has a protective lacquering that is easily removed before use.

**The buffalo horn may vary in color from knife to knife. Please contact us if you have a specific request and we will do our best to fulfill your request.

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