Mutsumi Hinoura Sujihiki 270mm



Mutsumi Hinoura is a younger bladesmith based out if Sanjo, Niigata. He was trained at a young age by his father and master bladesmith Tsukasa Hinoura. Hinoura knives are prized for their high level fit and finish. You can see and feel the extreme care that is put into every blade.

This line is forged from shirogami (white) #2 steel with a iron kurouchi cladding. Having used one of these for some time, i can personally vouch for their toughness and edge retention which are both superb for shirogami. These blades are very well built with a medium weight and slight forward balance. Choil and spine are rounded and polished very nicely. Fitted with a red ebony d-shape handle.

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