Sakai Kikumori Blue #1 Yugiri Kiritsuke Santoku 180mm

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Kawamura Hamono was founded in 1926 in Sakai. Kikumori is praised for their beautiful craftsmanship utilizing traditional techniques specific to their region. This series is forged by Master Yoshikazu Tanaka from Aogami 1 high carbon steel and cladded in stainless steel for easy maintenance. Tanaka San has a beautiful way of tempering Aogami steel, giving it great toughness with outstanding edge life and formation. Kikumori does a wonderful job sharpening these blades. Smooth migaki finished sides with kasumi finishing just above the clad line. These are ground thin and have nice convexity. Fitted with an octagonal ebony and horn ferrule handle.

Weight: 168g

Height at Heel: 51.3mm

Spine Thickness: 2.7mm

Edge Length: 169mm