Hinoura Ajikataya Shirogami 2 Kurouchi Gyuto 270mm

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Hinoura Ajikataya is produced mainly by Mutsumi Hinoura, with help of his father Tsukasa Hinoura. Their family owned workshop is located in Sanjo Niigata. Hinoura knives and tools are world renowned for their traditional craftsmanship and amazing heat treatment. This series is made from shirogami (white) #2 steel and cladded in iron. The blade has a kurouchi finish with kasumi finished bevels. We have always found the grinds to be very consistent which makes transitioning to stones very easy. Fitted with high quality oval magnolia and buffalo horn handles.

Edge length: 269 mm 
Spine thickness: 3.5mm
Height at heel: 53.1 mm
Weight: 240 grams