Nigara Hamono Blue 2 Rainbow Damascus Bunka 180mm

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Nigara Hamono is located in Hirosaki, a part of the Aomori Prefecture on the northern tip of Japan. With ancestry dating back to the edo period to over 350 years, the current generation upholds the legacy of its predecessors. Former Nigara hamono family, Kunitoshi Nigara, was a highly praised swordsmith during the Showa period and won many accolades for his creations. Nigara hamono now headed by 7th generation President Mr. Toshiju Yoshizawa, focuses mainly on kitchen cutlery featuring in house made innovative damascus patterns never before seen.

This series features an in house damascus cladding made from folding copper and brass into steel and is commonly classified as mokume-gane. The damascus is then laminated with a core steel of aogami 2 high carbon steel. This series is then sent to Sakai to have the sharpening work finished by talented Naohito Myojin. These come fitted with an octagonal teak and buffalo horn ferrule.

Edge length: 171mm
Height at heel: 2.4mm
Spine thickness above heel: 49mm
Weight: g