Nihei White #2 Stainless Clad Sujihiki 240mm

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Nihei knives are produced in Fukushima, Japan by former apprentice of Yoshikane Hamono, the talented Takahiro Nihei. Forged from White #2 high carbon steel rated at 63-64hrc with a soft stainless cladding. White #2 steel is extremely sharp, has amazing edge formation and is very easy to resharpen. 

The blade is finished with a kurouchi on the top of the blade with a light forged texture. The bevels have a smooth kasumi finish. These knives have thin grinds, nice midweight workhorse feel, and very nice distal taper. Octagonal  burnt chestnut handles with walnut ferrule.

Edge length: 242mm

Height at heel: 38.8mm

Thickness above heel: 3.4mm

Weight: 138g