Shoichi Hashimoto Yuzan Damascus Gyuto 240mm

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Shoichi Hashimoto is a highly skilled and highly recognized blacksmith located in Hiroshima Japan. Known for his incredible abstract damascus art and fixed blades, he began completing kitchen cutlery as well a few years back. The "Yuzan" is one of his most extraordinary culinary offerings featuring a damascus twist core laminated in a multi steel damascus cladding.

The core of the Yuzan series is comprised of shirogami #2 and aogami #2 high carbon steels in a twist pattern damascus. The cladding is made from SK3, Soft Iron, and a multiple combination of other steels twisted. The beautifully etched steel displays infinite amounts of detail and character, the layers can be ever so slightly felt to the touch.

The series is sharpened by the talented Naohito Myojin, providing a very thin and performance focused edge. The spine and choil are chamfered for comfort. The final edge applied to this blade is absolutely stellar and is a true testament to the heat treat on the steel.

We are offering this with option for handle install, please contact us if you have any other questions.

Specs without handle

Weight: 158g
Edge Length: 240mm
Height at heel: 54mm
Spine thickness above heel: 3.3mm