In-Store Sharpening Services

Japanese Whetstone Sharpening


At this time we are mostly accepting knives that were purchased with us or by brands we carry. We specialize in Japanese cutlery, if you have any questions about availability for your particular brand please feel free to contact us.

-Thank you-

Please leave your knife bags/ knife covers and just provide the knife itself. Please make sure your knives are washed and sanitized before dropping them off.

Any dirty knives will not be accepted!
Our policies have recently changed so please read carefully below.

Sharpening Services
*For initial sharpening please leave a comment with your order*
Initial sharpened knives are non-returnable
**We are no longer accepting hunting knives, razors, axes ect..
**If you have any questions about availability please contact us :)
We offer full service whetstone sharpening, repair, and restoration services for your knives. Sharp knives are not only safer to use but give immediate results in food quality. Each knife is treated individually and sharpened appropriately to the blade type, function, and user preference.
Our typical Japanese whetstone process takes us through various grits of whetstones, followed by stropping for a clean and polished finish.

Sharpening Menu:
Machine Assisted Sharpening1$/inch
Double Bevel Whetstone: 2$/inch
Single Bevel WhetstoneStarting at 35$
(Yanagi, Deba, Usuba)
Repairs: Starting at 5$
Thinning: Starting at 35$
Scissors: Starting at $5
Handle replacement/install: Starting at $15

Serrated: sorry, we don't sharpen serrated knives
Turnaround is normally about 2-3 DAYS
*please note this is an estimated time

If you have any questions feel free to call or e-mail us.