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Thank you for visiting Carbon Knife Co.

We offer a large selection of hand forged kitchen knives, cutlery accessories, knife sharpening, unique chef tools, kitchen wares, bar wares, culinary publications, vintage items, aprons and knife rolls.

Our current knife selection includes: Masakage, Shibata, Takeda, Ashi Hamono, Takamura, Mizuno Tanrenjo, Watanabe, Fujiwara Teruyasu, Yu Kurosaki, Middleton, Konosuke, Sakai Takayuki, Ohishi, Kikuichi, Masamoto, Misono.

We are chefs by profession.
We want to share and utilize the knowledge we've gained in the kitchen to create the best experience for you. Quality always comes first. We have tested and given our stamp of approval on all of our products. We don't sell anything we don't fully believe in and wouldn't use ourselves.