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Sharpening Services

Japanese Whetstone Sharpening

We offer full service whetstone sharpening, repair, and restoration services for your knives. Sharp knives are not only safer to use but give immediate results in food quality. Whetstone sharpening is far superior to other forms of sharpening and is the best treatment for your blade. Each knife is treated individually and sharpened appropriately to the blade type, function, and user preference.
Our typical Japanese whetstone process takes us through various grits of whetstones and follows with stropping on leather for a clean, polished finish.
Double Bevel Knives: $1.25/in
Single Bevel Knives: $2.00/in
Repair: Starting at 5$
Cleavers : Starting at 10$
Scissors: Starting at 5$
Turnaround is typically 24 hours but same day turnaround can be arranged.