100% Pure Yuzu Extract

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Cold-pressed from whole yuzu fruit, this extract delivers a vibrant aroma and tanginess with a smooth mouthfeel. Its beautiful flavor is derived purely from the ingredients and a unique pressing method. Kawakami-Yuzu grown in the Hagi region of Yamaguchi Prefecture is the only ingredient of the extract and its thick skin and exceptional aroma makes it rare and special. The region has a large daily temperature range and is known as one of the best yuzu citrus producing areas in Japan. The harvested yuzu is slowly and carefully squeezed from both sides with even pressure to simulate hand juicing, unlike other methods of pressing from top and bottom or from all directions to increase yields. The side-pressing method draws out more aroma from the yuzu skin, reduces bitterness, moderate the amount of oil and pulp.

You can use the extract in both savory and sweet dishes as well as drinks. It elevates your culinary experience with a just few drops. It’s additive free, never frozen, and non-GMO. It’s a new addition to the KANKITSU LABO line-up.

Bottle holds 9.3 floz

Ingredients: Yuzu



KANKITSU LABO launched with the mission to become the bridge connecting with the US by assisting the growth of community farmers and manufacturers in Japan, and introducing new flavors that have yet to be discovered by many.

The English meaning of KANKITSU is Japanese Citrus.