Benchmade Mini Bugout Sage Green Grivory

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"On the heels of the explosively successful launch of the Claymore™, we heard many enthusiastic requests for a plain-edge variant, and now we're proud to present the new 9070BK Claymore™. This highly anticipated variation of an instant hit retains every crowd-pleasing feature, including the ultra-tough and laser-sharp CPM-D2 blade, robust ultralight construction, and namesake-appropriate detailing. This non serrated push-button auto fires with authority, sure to energize casual-carry and hardcore users alike.

Proper care and regular maintenance help make your Benchmade knife yours, for life. Here are some tips for keeping your Benchmade in peak condition:

• All steel, regardless of price and grade, can eventually rust, so it’s important to keep your knife dry and lubricated. If spotting or rust occurs, semi-chrome metal polish will often take care of it.

• Dishwashers can cause serious damage that is not covered under our warranty, so make sure to hand-wash your Benchmade under warm water with dish soap only, and dry thoroughly.

• Remember, knives are cutting tools, and you should never use your knife as a pry-bar, screwdriver, chisel, or punch, unless the knife is designed explicitly for those purposes.

• If you choose to sharpen your blade yourself, avoid grinding wheels and other high-powered machinery.

This is backed by Benchmade's Warranty and LifeSharp Services.

Steel Type: CPM-S30V
Handle Material: Sage Green Grivory
Lock Type: AXIS Lock
Blade Style: Drop-Point
Finish: Satin
SKU: 533SL-07
Made in the U.S.A.

Edge length: 71.6mm
Height at heel: 20.7mm
Spine thickness above heel: 2.29mm
Weight: 44g

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