Comet 52100 Gyuto 210mm

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Trey Richbourg aka Comet Knives is a Florida based blacksmith who's focus is hand forged kitchen cutlery. Treys blades are all hand forged to shape by hammer and anvil giving them an organic feel and loads of character. We adored his knives from the first moment we saw them and are very proud to offer his work to you.

Though Trey isn't actively making at this time, he was able to finish up a few blades at the end of this year. This blade was forged and heat treated in 2019 from 52100 high carbon steel. The blade surface has natural marks from forging and satin finished bevels. This blade is ground convex with a Comet standard grind :) and has a very thin edge and tip. The spine and choil are rounded and polished. The handles are Japanese made Hitohira WB Wenge x Oak.

Edge length: 208mm
Weight: 182g
Height at heel: 51mm
Spine thickness at heel: 3.5mm
Total Length: 360mm