Dry Candied Amanatsu Peel

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This candy is made from the refreshing Amanatsu, a Japanese orange. The unique and flavorful candy exhibits a bright citrus flavor with a subtle bitterness and an unbeatable fine texture that keeps the sugars firmly attached to the orange peel and prevents your fingers from getting sticky. The candy does not contain any food coloring, artificial fragrance, or preservatives - only the delicious natural citrusy flavor!

Enjoy this candied orange peel as a refreshing snack accompanied with tea. The unique ingredient also makes a splendid garnish for a drink, be they cocktails or mocktails.

Each bag holds 1.05oz

Ingredients: amanatsu orange, beet sugar, millet jelly, ascorbic acid



KANKITSU LABO launched with the mission to become the bridge connecting with the US by assisting the growth of community farmers and manufacturers in Japan, and introducing new flavors that have yet to be discovered by many.

The English meaning of KANKITSU is Japanese Citrus.