Freeze-Dried Natto - Hikiwari Type

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Natto (fermented soybeans) is a superfood that is rich in protein, dietary fiber, and probiotics. However, some people stay away from this particular superfood because of its typically strong smell and slimy texture. Made by esteemed Miyagi Prefecture natto maker, Kawaguchi Natto Co., Ltd., Freeze-Dried Natto has a milder smell and a crunchy texture while still maintaining the nutritious benefits of natto. They craft it by using quality, non-GMO soybeans sourced locally. Also, they employ a special natto-making method developed by Dr. Muramatsu in 1912 that produces a beautiful natto flavor. By virtue of this, Freeze-Dried Natto still exhibits a slight natto taste that can be enjoyed by natto fans as well. It is made in the “hikiwari” style, which means that soybeans are roughly crushed and the skins are removed before the fermentation process. This gives Freeze-Dried Natto the appearance and texture of crushed peanuts, as well as making it easy to use.

You can just mix it into fried rice or pasta, use it for omelet fillings, sprinkle it over salads, grilled dishes or cooked rice. Or you can even use it for desserts, such as cookies, cakes, or ice cream.

Bottle holds 2.29oz

Ingredients: Soybean, Bacillus Natto.


Made by Kawguchi Natto

For over 70 years, at the foot of the Ou Mountains in Miyagi Prefecture, Kawaguchi Natto has been engaged in producing natto (fermented soybeans). 

They strictly adhere to a traditional natto production method, source ingredients locally and from neighboring regions, and carefully pack their natto using materials that preserve taste and quality. 

Kawaguchi Natto, also contributes to local communities in ways that include growing vegetables and operating nursery schools.