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A clasp knife Higo no kami "Lord of Higo" knife on behalf of Japan. As for this knife reminding of a Japanese sword with a pattern of the brass, in the country, the fan who is deep-rooted abroad from the start is famous by being. Higo no kami short knife in itself is famous, but is not known about the history, builder very well in this way.

The Nagao Kanekoma Factory which produced Higonokami short knives in Miki-shi, Hyogo from 1894 is the only Higonokami short knife manufacturer now. The history made with a knife of the Nagaos dated back to last years of Edo era, and it was a beginning of history of the knife production of the Nagaos ancestors Nagao piece Taro of the Nagaos served as "in Miki-shi, and to have made a workshop called top".

Mitsuo Nagao who is the fifth generation plays a key role and produces Higonokami short knives now. Made in Hyogo, Japan.

Please note, the "GOLD" is forged from Aogami/Blue Steel. Thank you.

商登 標録 "Trademark Registration"
肥後守 (Higo No Kami)
定駒 (tei-koma) "Fixed Piece"