HADO Sumi Blue #1 Damascus Bunka 180mm

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HADO knives are produced in Sakai in collaboration with master blacksmiths Yoshikazu Tanaka and Shogo Yamatsuka. HADO knives are sharpened by in house sharpener Maruyama-san who utilizes a wide style grind that has great symmetry and consistency. The fit and finish on all of HADO knives is superb with no detail spared.

This series is forged by Yoshikazu Tanaka from Aogami #1 steel lamiated in iron suminagashi damascus. The blade face is left with kurouchi and natural texture from forging. Tanaka sans Aogami 1 treatment is world class and is highly praised by chefs and enthusiasts worldwide. The octagonal handle is two tone with natural lacquered cherry bark that not only looks incredible but has a natural and grippy feeling in hand. Every handle is one of a kind.

Edge length: 169mm
Height at heel: 51.1mm
Spine thickness above heel: 2.7mm
Weight: 164g