Hasegawa FPEL18-3926

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FPEL Series

It is a black colored cutting board with an inner wood-core, which shows food ingredients clearly. It could be good to use it with ingredients such as carrots or herbs which dye cutting boards quickly. Also, it is good for high-end restaurants which have low lighting. Not only this, it definitely showcases the chef's work!

Light Weight

The wood core makes it 30-50% lighter than other solid plastic cutting boards. The handling of cutting boards becomes much easier, leading to better hygiene and maintenance. Also, the risk of injury is lower if you drop it.


It does not easily warp or bend under long-term use or high-temp washing. It is always stable and dish-washer safe.

Stylish Design

It comes with a unique stylish design. As there are other kinds of black cutting boards in the market, we needed to differentiate ours from others. The two symbolic white sidelines aren't the ones that are printed, but are the 2nd layers of the surface sheets that are bonded with the wood-core. So, its stylish design is not just a decoration, but originates from its structure.

Dimensions: 15.4 x 10.2 x 0.7 in.

(Pictured Knife is not included)