Hitohira Kikuchiyo Kyuzo White #2 Kuro Gyuto 210mm

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Brand: Hitohira

Smith: Kikuchiyo 菊千代 
Producing Area: Sakai-Osaka/ Japan 
Profile: Gyuto 
Size: 210mm 
Steel Type: Carbon Steel 
Steel: Shirogami White #2 Soft Iron Clad 
Handle: Sakura & Ebony Ferrule Octagonal 
Total Length: 354mm 
Edge Length: 202mm 
Handle to Tip Length: 216mm 
Blade Height: 46mm 
Thickness: 3.1mm 
Handle Length: 140mm 
Weight: 154g 
Bevel: 50/50
Sharpener: Kyuzo 久蔵

Kyuzo Sharpener

Kyuzo’s father Heihachi is one of the busiest sharpeners in Sakai. Heihachi’s workshop room and corridor were always filled with knives waiting to be sharpened. Although Kyuzo initially worked under his father to learn the foundation of rough sharpening, eventually he became a student of Kambei, known as one of the best sharpeners in Sakai because he knew best how to sharpen wide double bevel knives. After a few years of training, he built his style based on both his father and Kambei’s respective styles. Today, Kyuzo is one of only a few people who can sharpen wide double bevel with really good Shinogi-line in Sakai, one of the most challenging techniques in sharpening.