Hojun (Full-bodied) Sesame Oil

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This premium sesame oil has been made with the highest graded sesame seeds in the world, and was processed using the traditional method, rather than mass-market methods that utilize chemical additives to promote a quick extraction of sesame oil in a shorter period of time. The traditional time consuming process without any chemicals is well worth it, because the result is a full-bodied, aromatic oil. You'll definitely notice a significant difference in this sesame oil versus other mass-produced sesame oils.

Use as cooking oil for stir-fry for tofu, meat, veggies, or any types of noodles. Drizzle it on soup dishes such as udon or miso soup. Whisk it into vinaigrette or salad dressing such as rice vinegar.

Bottle holds 3.7oz

Ingredients: Sesame


Made by Kuki 

In 1886, Monshichi acquired an oil machine from the British and founded Kuki. Since then, Kuki has been applying the “continuous pressing method” to make a sesame oil without using any chemicals or enhancers. With just one taste of Kuki’s sesame oil, you will discover and experience the pure earthy fragrance of the sesame seeds and know why the Kuki family is famous for its sesame oil.