Isamitsu Shirogami #1 Gyuto 210mm

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Isamitsu Knives are run by Abu Kuki and Gaku Kanatsu in a small workshop in Ibaraki Japan just outside of Tokyo. Former apprentices of the legendary Teruyasu Fujiwara, Isamitsu knives are primarily made from the same famed Shirogami 1 high carbon steel. The heat treatment and overall sharpness of this steel is truly incredible. One of my personal favorite steels to sharpen and use, just such a rewarding feeling.

This series is hand forged using Shirogami 1 high carbon core laminated in stainless steel for easy care and maintenance. The blades are forged quite thin and have a subtle spine taper. Slightly taller heel height than most provides great clearance from the cutting board. The blade face is kurouchi finished and the bevels are stain finished.

Weight: g

Height at Heel: mm

Spine Thickness: mm

Edge Length: mm