Ito Shoten Tamari

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Produced from only Japanese-grown soybeans and natural sea salt, slowly aged for three years in cedar casks, the tamari has a thick, caramel-ish, smoky, meaty, deep umami flavor that is well balanced, not very salty. We recommend that you do not cook with this special brew, just use as a dipping sauce and/or brush on meats, fish or whatever you prefer. Please refrigerate after opening.

Product Attributes:

  • Gluten-free
  • 200ml glass bottle
  • Made in Aichi, Japan

Ingredients: water, soy beans, salt


Made by Ito Shoten

Founded over 200 years ago in Aichi Prefecture, Ito Shoten produces artisanal tamari using traditional methods. Currently run by the spry 85-year old Ito-san (ninth generation) and his grandson (eleventh generation), Ito Shoten’s tamari is aged for three years. 

Ito Shoten’s tamari is gluten-free but it wasn’t designed to be that. True tamari is the liquid you get when you press miso. This region, Aichi Prefecture, is known for very dark, rich miso.