Kagekiyo Blue 1 Black Dyed Damascus Gyuto 210mm

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Kagekiyo Blue 1 Black Dyed Damascus chef knife is hand forged from aogami 1 steel lamiated in iron suminagashi damascus. The blade is ground in house at Baba hamono wide bevel, very thin for performance focus. The blade is finished with a special etching technique that darkens the steel and leaves the core steel a vibrant red. The handle is a two tone urushi octagonal handle. The included saya cover is finished with black usushi lacquer.

This finish is not completely permanent and should be cleaned with a scratch free cloth to prevent wear of the finish.

*Comes with Urushi Saya cover

Height at heel: 50mm

Spine thickness: 3.8mm

Edge length: 199mm

Weight: 136g