Kagekiyo Mizu Honyaki White#2 Sakimaru 300mm

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Kagekiyo is a premium line made in Sakai. Every craftsman that works on this line is a certified master craftsman and it shows in the beauty and finesse of these knives.

The blade is forged from shirogami # 2 (white #2) steel and differentially hardened and water quenched. The blade face is mirror polished with hamon polish to accentuate the wavy pattern. These knives have impressive geometry and are very thin at the edge. The spine and choil are mirror polished and chamfered. The saya and box are all finished with the highest quality black urushi (traditional japanese lacquering). The handle is octagonal ebony wood with horn ferrule.

*Comes with Urushi Saya cover.

Weight: 178g

Height at heel:30.34 mm

Edge length: 300 mm

Spine thickness above heel: 3.01mm