Kakuida Organic Black Vinegar - aged 5 years

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Kakuida’s organic black vinegar is a very special product. This rice vinegar has been aged for five years in black earthenware jars in the sun, wind and rain on the shores of Kagoshima Bay under the watch of the active volcano, Sakurajima. The magic of this process creates a vinegar that combines a mellow acidity with a full, round taste and a beautiful caramel color.

Product Attributes:

  • 500ml glass bottle
  • Made in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan

Ingredients: organic brown rice, organic yeast, water


Made by Kakuida

On the shores of Kagoshima Bay in the town of Kirishima, Kakuida produces black vinegar using traditional methods.

The fields around their factory are covered with thousands of earthenware jars within which brown rice, water and koji are left to ferment and make black vinegar. 

Kakuida ages their vinegar for up to five years, allowing time and nature to contribute to the making of this unique product.