Kanehide Bessaku Hankotsu 150mm Rosewood Handle

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The Kanehide Bessaku are very good choices for butchers in professional settings. The blades are stiff with little to no flex and the handles retain traction even when wet or oily. The semi stainless steel has great durability, dulls toothy, and isn't a pain to sharpen.

Brand: Kanehide 兼秀
Producing Area: Seki-Gifu/ Japan 
Profile: Honesuki Maru 
Size: 140mm 
Steel Type: Semi Stainless Steel 
Steel: Mono Unclassified (Semi Stainless Steel) 
Handle: Rosewood Western 
Total Length: 274mm 
Edge Length: 140mm 
Handle to Tip Length: 140mm 
Blade Height: 28mm 
Thickness: 2.3mm 
Handle Length: 134mm 
Weight: 111g 
Hand Orientation: Right Handed