Kanehide Bessaku Komakiri Gyuto 240mm

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A work-horse style chef's knife and durable for heavy cutting tasks. Rustic style of knife that features a taller blade. 

Brand: Kanehide 兼秀 
Producing Area: Seki-Gifu/ Japan 
Profile: Komakiri Gyuto 
Size: 240mm 
Steel Type: Semi Stainless Steel 
Steel: Mono Unclassified (Semi Stainless Steel) 
Handle: Rosewood Western 
Total Length: 360mm 
Edge Length: 238mm 
Handle to Tip Length: 238mm 
Blade Height: 62mm 
Thickness: 2.3mm 
Handle Length: 122mm 
Weight: 264g 
Hand Orientation: Right Handed