Kumokage Blue #2 Kurouchi Damascus Petty 150mm

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The Hatsukokuro Kumokage series is hand forged in Tosa from Blue #2 core steel laminated in suminagashi iron cladding rated at 62-63hrc hardness. The blade is etched out of the box to reveal the detail in the cladding and also begins the patina process for easier maintenance moving forward. Blue #2 steel has excellent sharpness and edge retention. These are full carbon steel blades and should be kept dry when not in use to avoid rusting.

These blades have a medium weight, stiff feel while still having very thin and evenly ground edges. The spine and choil are relieved for added comfort against the hand. These blades come fitted with high quality octagonal teak and buffalo horn handles. 

Edge length: 152mm
Height at heel: 35.7mm
Spine thickness above heel: 2.9mm
Weight: 86g