Lew Griffin S-Grind Curly Birchwood Gyuto 205mm

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Lew Griffin is located in western Ireland and focuses on producing high quality kitchen cutlery with functional designs and geometry. This gyuto was hand forged from 52100 high carbon mono steel finished with kurouchi and natural texture from forging. Lew is an S-grind specialist, creating a perfect hollow area above the cutting edge to maximize food release and minimize drag during your cuts. The blade feels absolutely incredible in hand thanks to the hybrid Japanese style handle handle. This handle was crafted from a beautiful piece of curly birchwood with a bog oak ferrule.

"With a past in steel work, welding and design it was not until creating and designing knives that I felt satisfied. For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to create and fueled by the fact that I have always been involved in the world of design and steel it has led me to making knives. My goal has been and always will be to create the best work possible."

"Creating knife that can last a lifetime and will have its own history is always rewarding."

Edge length: ~203mm
Weight: 200g
Height at heel: 55mm
Spine thickness above heel: 3.1mm
Grind: 50/50 S-grind