Magnetic Saya Poplar Gyuto 240mm

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Our custom design magnetic sayas are handmade in the U.S. from premium materials and strong construction. The magnets are inlayed and placed strategically to provide a secure fit for most blades without the need for a pin. The edges are chamfered for a comfortable and elegant look. These not only look amazing but are very safe and protective for your valuable tools.

**We can only guarantee the fit of these sayas to knives we have in hand and are able to try on in person. We cannot offer free returns on this item if it does not fit.
*We helped design these to be accepting of a wide array of Japanese made knives, though some thicker, taller, or very unique shapes may not be the best fit. (i.e. Deba, Bone Cleaver, ect..)
*The opening can be widened on one side to be accepting of knives slightly thicker than the stock dimensions.
*We find these work best with handmade knives that have a higher carbon content and aren't super thin at the spine, so the magnets can adhere to the knife securely.
*Due to contact inside the cover, this product may cause light scratches to fine or mirror finished blades over time.

If you have inquiries about the fit or questions about this product, feel free to email us at

Spine width at opening: ~5.2mm
Height at opening: ~58mm