Mazaki White#2 Kuro Nashiji Gyuto 270mm

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Naoki Mazaki is a blacksmith located in Sanjo, Niigata. He works alone in his small workshop and handles all aspects of his knife making. He focuses primarily on forging Shirogami (White) #2 carbon steel cladded in iron. The nashiji kurouchi displays all of the character and detail that happens during the forging process. The bevels are finished by hand on Japanese whetstones to ensure an even grind and geometry. The forged distal taper is quite impressive and has a nice progressive thinness towards the tip. Lightly convexed bevels and very thin behind the cutting edge. The octagonal handle is made from magnolia and horn ferrule.

Edge Length: 278mm

Height at heel: 57mm

Spine thickness above heel: 4.7mm

Weight: 248g