Metalworks by Meola Nashiji Spalted Maple Chef 215mm

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Akiva Meola of Meola Metalworks is a hand forged focused maker local to our storefront based in Berthoud Colorado. We are happy to be able to showcase the crafts of local craftsman like him. This blade was forged from hand forged 1084 high carbon steel. Satin finished bevels and natural forged finish. The spine and choil are rounded and polished for comfort. The handle is made from stablilized spalted maple wood / synthetic stone.

Edge Length: 215mm
Height at heel: 64.2mm
Spine thickness above heel: 3.2mm
Weight: 216g

"Based in Berthoud, Colorado, Akiva Meola of Metalwork by Meola fits the definition of an in-house single artisan knife company well. With a background in architectural ironwork, along with mentorship under a Japanese taught master bladesmith, Akiva prefers to forge all of his blades by hand and to size, often leaving a de-scaled brut-de-forge finish near the spine of the knife. Artistically speaking, Akiva can often be seen using compound curves, rarely using straight lines in his blade profiles. His handles are hand selected, and the wood is often sourced and stabilized in house, along with hand selecting color combinations. All blades are forged, ground, hand polished, and handle sculpted in-house. With a personal background in food service as well, these blades function matches the quality of their form."