Moritaka Nakiri 180mm Walnut Handle

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Moritaka Hamono was founded in 1293 by Kongohyoe Minamoto no Moritaka, who was the head swordsmith for Buddhist priests at Mt. Honman. His descendants have followed in his footsteps in the same city for 13 generations now. 

Moritaka knives today are forged with the same mentality and tradition. These knives are forged from Aogami 2 steel cladded in soft iron and kurouchi finish. Moritaka forge welds a stainless tang that is a different steel from the blade to ensure longevity and hygiene of the knife for years to come.

Ground convex and thin behind the edge these knives have a beautiful cutting feel and food release. The hardness is rated at 62-63 HRC, with very nice durability and edge retention. These knives have a nice feel in the hand, not too light but still feel very precise.

Fitted with Walnut Octagonal handles.

Weight: 186g
Height at Heel: 56.3mm
Spine Thickness: 2.6mm
Edge Length: 180mm