Moshio "Saredoshio" (Japanese Seaweed Salt)

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Made from seawater and seaweed, both sourced from the Seto Inland Sea, Hakata Salt’s Moshio exhibits a mildly salty flavor with a gentle bitterness from nigari (bittern) and umami from seaweed. This unique salt is crafted by using a traditional, previously abandoned production method—soaking Hondawara variety seaweed in seawater, naturally thickening it in salt fields under the sun to make brine, and then boiling it down. The salt boasts elegant layers of flavors and a fine, delicate texture.

To appreciate its beautiful flavor, it’s recommended to be used as a finishing salt for dishes like grilled fish, onigiri rice balls, cold tofu, and carpaccio. Its mineral-rich umami naturally goes well with soup, pickles, or sushi. You can also add it when preparing dressings, marinades, or even sweets.

Each bag holds 3.52 oz

Ingredients: Salt


Made by Hakata Salt 

Hakata Salt, based in Ehime Prefecture, aims to provide safe and tasty salt, and has committed to special production methods since its establishment in 1973. 

They dissolve the imported solar salt in local seawater, and remove unwanted substances before boiling down the concentrated brine to a crystal salt. Then the salt undergoes a natural drying process for several days.