Hatsukokoro Satoshi Nakagawa Blue 1 Damascus Bunka

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This incredibly beautiful series is produced in Sakai from Hand forged Aogami #1 high carbon core steel and cladded in iron sumiagashi damascus. Nakagawa sans damascus has a unique flowing pattern and the blade face is nicely finished with good contrast happening between the layers. Nakagawa is praised for his heat treatment and we feel that his blue steel knives are among our favorites we've tried. Fit and finish is perfection with no detail spared. Handle is octagonal ebony with horn ferrule.

Blacksmith: Satoshi Nakagawa
Region: Sakai
Steel Type: Aogami #1 / Iron Suminagashi Damascus Clad
Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous 
Edge length: 170mm
Height at heel: 46.9mm
Spine thickness above heel: 2.6mm
Weight: 158g