Nogent Kitchen Essentials Set Sage, Lavendar, Taupe, Terracotta

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Opt for culinary excellence with our Pastel Polypro Kitchen Set – Kitchen basics including a selection of essential knives, perfect for all your preparations in the kitchen. This carefully designed box includes:

  1. 2-Edged Peeler: Discover the versatility of our peeler equipped with two edges, offering optimal efficiency for peeling a variety of fruits and vegetables.
  2. Smooth Paring Knife: An essential in any kitchen, this smooth paring knife guarantees precise and rapid cutting. This is the knife to have in your kitchen, it is suitable for a multitude of culinary tasks.
  3. Notched Paring Knife: Perfect for slicing foods with a more delicate surface, this notched paring knife offers a clean and precise cut.
  4. Tomato Knife 11cm 1mm Notched: Designed specifically for tomatoes, this 11cm knife with a fine 1mm notch ensures perfect cutting without crushing the fruit, thus preserving its texture and beauty. It is also ideal for all other soft-fleshed fruits and vegetables.

All presented in an elegant Kraft box, this knife set makes an ideal gift for cooking enthusiasts or a colorful addition to your own kitchen knife collection. Elevate your culinary experience with this Kitchen Box – Polypro pastel – Kitchen basics, synonymous with quality, functionality and elegance.

With the  Polypropylene Kitchen Box, you offer your kitchen reliable and durable tools, ready to take on all the culinary challenges you throw at them. Simplify your daily life with utensils designed to withstand the rigors of the dishwasher, while preserving their efficiency and elegance.