Nogent Paring 9cm Classic Wood

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The cutting knife Nogent ***

This knife cut and cut with dexterity cooked meats, hams, salami, roasts, grilled chickens … Nothing will resist this blade.

The handle is charming wood, naturally dried for one year, tinted and varnished. Its shape ensures a perfect hold in hand. Whether you have large or small hand, this cutting tool will give you great satisfaction. It is essential for culinary preparations, finely chop herbs, vegetables, fruits, meat …

It is the best versatile knife ever. Its blade allows optimal penetration in soft-flesh foods such as tomatoes. It is also practical for finely chopping the herbs.

  • 1) Thick blade, up to 1.8 mm, bevelled across its entire width.
  • 2) Molybdenum stainless steel (AFNOR Z50CD14). Degree of hardness 57 Rockwell.
  • 3) Extra strong silk.
  • 4) Manual finish, satin blade.
  • 5) Charming wood, dried one year on park, tinted and varnished.
  • 6) Brass rivets.