Organic Brown Rice Koji Powder

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Made by pulverizing dried rice koji, this powdered type of rice koji is much easier to use than regular rice koji. Rice koji, generally called malted rice, breaks down proteins and starch into sugar and amino acids, and because of this, it can extract the sweetness from any ingredient while tenderizing it at the same time. Made with organically grown rice, Marukura’s Organic Brown Rice Koji Powder not only helps you make shio koji (fermented salty rice seasoning) and amazake (a non-alcoholic fermented rice drink), it can also be used directly for marinating meat, fish, and vegetables or even mixed into baked items.

Each bag holds 2.47 oz

Ingredients: Brown Rice.


Made by Marukura

Okada family has been producing small-batch organic fermented foods in Kurashiki, Okayama. The family is passionate and dedicated to spreading top quality, healthy foods all over Japan. Currently, their white miso, amazake, and rice koji products are favorites of those who seek healthier foods in European and Asian countries. The products are also now beginning to be introduced in America.