Organic Mirin-Type (Sweet Cooking Rice Seasoning)

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An indispensable staple ingredient in any Japanese kitchen, this organic mirin-type is ideal for delivering a small dose of umami to many different dishes, particularly sauce or broth, such as sukiyaki broth and teriyaki sauce. You can also use it to add a mildly sweet taste to dishes or tenderize meats. It is very versatile, especially in stir-fries, sauces, and marinades. When used as part of a marinade or glaze, it produces a beautiful luster, attractive finished color, and appealing aroma, and also serves to balance the smell and taste of fish.

Bottle holds 16.66 floz

Ingredients: Organic Rice, Organic Malted Rice, Salt, Organic Sugar.


Made by Morita 

Morita is committed to cultivating the Japanese culinary scene with its 350 years of brewing expertise. Their basic seasonings such as mirin and cooking sake can be found in both home kitchens and the kitchens of top culinary professionals in Japan. 

Morita’s passion for showing the full potential of traditional Japanese seasonings has resulted in innovative and highly versatile condiments.