Rausu Oni Kombu

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Rausu Oni Kombu Seaweed is a pre-cut, ready-to-use kombu kelp for making dashi stock. It is not only made with excellent quality Rausu Oni Kombu kelp from Hokkaido, but also conveniently cut into the perfect size for cooking and packed in a cylinder for easy storage. Because kombu kelp is esteemed when it’s big and thick, premium dried kombu kelp products available in the market tend to be too big to handle in the home kitchen. Considering this, Rausu Oni Kombu Seaweed perfectly accommodates the needs of those who desire quality taste without compromising cooking efficiency. Rausu Oni Kombu from Hokkaido is known to produce aromatic and robust dashi stock with rich umami, which makes it ideal for nabe hot pots and simmered dishes. The dashi from kombu kelp is vegan, but if you like, you can always mix with other dashi bases, such as katsuobushi (bonito flakes) and iriko (dried anchovy).

Container holds 0.88 oz 

Ingredients: Kelp (Rausu Oni Kombu).


Made by Izuri Kombu

Since 1868, Izuri Kombu has supported Japan’s food culture for over 150 years as premier kombu kelp experts. 

Their skilled craftspeople continue to produce high quality items by using kombu kelp harvested in Japan and with no additional additives. 

The shortage of kombu craftspeople is a serious problem in Japan, but Izuri has a solid training system and strives to pass down kombu culture to future generations and spread it to the rest of the world.