Ryusen Fukakuryu Wa Petty 135mm

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Ryusen Hamono is located in Echizen, Japan and was founded over 70 years ago. Third generation leader Taiji Masutani and family continue to create beautiful and luxurious blades adored worldwide. Every fine detail is accounted for and you can truly feel their passion when you use and hold their creations.

The Ryusen Fukakuryu series is made from using high grade ATS-314 steel and laminated in a striking stainless damascus. This blade not only looks amazing its also very dependable for a wide array of kitchen tasks. The geometry is thin with subtle convexity and has a smooth cutting feel. The handle is made using high quality maple with an octagonal faceted geometry that fits great in hand.

Edge Length: 136mm
Weight: 52g
Height at Heel: 26.6mm
Spine Thickness Above Heel: 1.7mm