Saji Yushoku Damascus Petty 130mm

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Takeshi Saji is a third generation blacksmith living in Takefu Japan. He is most famous for his amazing damascus creations and unique profiles and finishes. He produces a variety of handmade tools, hunting knives, and also some of the most sought after kitchen knives.

This series is hammer forged from VG10W, a newer produced steel by Takefu Steel Co, which is VG10 with added Tungsten for higher durability and increased edge retention.The Yushoku cladding is a multi material damascus using copper, brass, nickel, and soft stainless to create a striking and vibrant pattern. The full tang rivited handle is made from white cow horn. Comes in a wooden hinoki presentation box.

Edge Length: 133mm

Weight: 130g

Height At Heel: 32.8mm

Spine Thickness Above Heel: 1.7mm