"Sei-agri Egg" Japanese Mayonnaise

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This is a truly special mayonnaise: unlike the majority of American mayo products, Japanese mayo uses only the egg yolk, mixed with rice vinegar or apple cider vinegar.

But there is more to the process of "Sei-agri Egg" Japanese Mayonnaise. The "sei-agri" is a natural feeding method of feeding hens with only homemade, additive-free organic food. Japanese mayo made with the yolks of sei-agri eggs exhibits a remarkably rich flavor. Additionally, a specially made vacuum sealed pot in used in order to remove the air while emulsifying the mayo, which further helps to preserve the amazing flavor.

Contains no additives.

Bottle holds 8.81 oz

Ingredients: Cotton Seed Oil, Apple Vinegar, Egg Yolk, Sugar, Salt Mustard


Made by Yusaido

Based in Kyoto, Yusaido produces quality condiments such as mayonnaise and dressing utilizing natural ingredients and traditional methods of fermentation. 

Yusaido has become a famous brand in Japan, known for an additive-free mayonnaise made of fresh eggs of hens raised on additive-free food, and using the vacuum emulsifier pots to prevent oxidation during the production process.