Shichimi Togarashi (Sun-dried Japanese Spice Mix)

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This premium blend of shichimi togarashi is a flavorful and hot mixed chili seasoning. The complex mixture of spices in this blend includes medium-strength chili peppers, tongue-numbing sansho peppers, ginger, richly flavored yuzu, black sesame, dried orange peel, and shiso (perilla). Blended using a 300-year-old secret recipe, this shichimi exhibits a wonderfully balanced yet complex spicy flavor and aroma. There is no need to add more salt to enhance a meal when you use this spice mix; just a small amount of shichimi adds many levels of spice and flavor to various Japanese dishes. 

You sprinkle this on top of your Bloody Mary to add a unique kick to a traditional cocktail! It is also a great condiment for dishes such as soba, udon, rice bowls (donburi), tempura, chips and more.

Container holds 0.49 oz 

Ingredients: Red Pepper, Citrus Unshu Peel, Sesame, Yuzu, Perilla, Sansho Pepper, Ginger.


Made by Yawataya Isogoro

Since 1736, Yawataya Isogoro has been producing shichimi togarashi (a mix of seven-kinds of spices) in the northwest part of Nagano, a region with easy access to locally grown ingredients. Yawataya has been thriving as a small batch producer of shichimi togarashi. The distinctive flavor reminiscent of the mountainous region makes it a standout spice among the many other shichimi togarashi products available in Japan.