Sigma Power Select II #400 Wetstone

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Saicom Corporation has designed a series of stones specifically for the high-hardness, high-carbide, highly abrasion resistant tool steels of the modern day. Each stone is manufactured with a high concentration of quality abrasive in a logical progression order of grits in order to achieve an event, consistent finish in as little time as possible.

The 400 grit Power Select II is a resin-bound alumina stone. It operates like an approximate mix between a Cerax 320 and Shapton Glass 500, meaning that it has a bit of the coarse feel and speed of the Cerax 320 but is splash-and-go with smoother feedback, like the Shapton Glass 500. Loading is minimal with this stone in the vast majority of sharpening circumstances. When sharpening very hard knives like honyaki, generating slurry with a nagura or diamond plate can help the stone release fresh abrasive and cut effectively.


· Grit: #400 (Coarse)
· Type: Splash-and-Go
· Best for: Carbon/Stainless/HSS Knives
· Dimensions: 210 x 75 x 25 mm (8.27" x 2.95" x 0.98")