STEELPORT Knife Co. 10" Slicing Knife

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STEELPORT knives are made in Portland, OR. Each knife is produced from 100% USA sourced materials. These blades are drop forged from 52100 high carbon bar steel. Each blade is formed with one piece integral bolster and full tang handle construction.

The blades are oil quenched and differentially heat treated leaving the cutting edge hardness around 65HRC while the spine and handle are all closer to an HRC in the 30's. This allows for the strength and resilience of a normally softer steel while maintaining the long edge life and superb sharpness this harder steel can provide. I was pleased by how easily this steel sharpened on whetstones. The feedback was smooth with no glassiness. Can be finished on a wide array of grit levels depending on your personal preference.

Steelport knives have a very confident feeling to them and make for very strong and reliable blades. They have a thin cutting edge fitting for most any task in the kitchen. From onion to hard winter squash, this blade can handle it. It has a very even balance right at the bolster, gentle belly throughout the edge profile, and a nice amount of height for knuckle clearance.

The blade face is etched to help with ease of maintenance while displaying grain and hamon in the steel formed from the quenching process. The heel, spine, and bolster are all polished very nicely for added comfort. The Oregon big leaf maple burl handle is very ergonomic and made using stabilized materials that should last a lifetime. The end cap is engraved with the Steelport logo. Optional wooden sayas with magnetic inlay produced by one of our favorite makers EDROMade in Portland, OR is available by request.**

Edge length: 256mm
Spine thickness: 3.4mm 
Height at heel: 42.9mm
Weight: 240 grams