Takada no Hamono Damascus Blue #1 Sujihiki 300mm

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Located in Sakai, Japan Takada no Hamono is headed by Mitsuaki Takada. With over 20 years in experience training under one of Sakai cities finest craftsman, these knives provide top level performance and finish. Takada no Hamono specializes in thin convex sharpening and applies new polishing techniques to create truly unique knives.

Blacksmith: Yoshikazu Tanaka
Steel Type: Aogami #1/ Iron Suminagashi Cladding
Edge Length: 290mm
Weight: 180g
Spine Thickness Above Heel: 2.2mm
Height at Heel: 40.1mm
Hand Orientation: 50/50
Handle: Octagonal Ebony w/ Horn Ferrule (Please note: Horn color can vary from blonde to black.)