Tawashi Kamenoko Medium

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Made of fiber of a hemp palm

Kameoko Kozuko was born in Tokyo about 100 years ago. 
Although the washing tool that only bundled straw and rope until then did not have fragile detergency, the invention of "scion bamboo shoots" wrapped with wire as a wire would change "washing method itself" It is. 
Since then, Meiji, Taisho, Showa, Heisei and Kamekawa Children have been refining Japan with the same name, same shape, same quality. 
The manufacturing method has not changed almost since the founding, Kameoko Children is the skill of the craftsmen. 
The reason that we say "One grain-oriented quality is the highest value" is because we pride ourselves as being the "scrubber of Japan", the turtle child wreath made with the best materials and the best technology .